What We Do

Northern Futures Planning works with regional, territorial, provincial and local governments as well as other organizations to undertake inclusive planning processes to prepare plans, strategies, regulations and/or standards to assist in meeting community aspirations around sustainable community planning and land management. The firm’s approach is to understand each community's or organization's values, needs, aspirations and concerns and to contextualize these with a strong understanding of local conditions related to governance structures, natural environment, social and family wellbeing, economic development and cultural heritage. The firm’s philosophy is to embrace a strong ethic of client collaboration, team empowerment and community involvement for all projects undertaken.

Planning Services Offered

  • Community and regional land use planning
  • Municipal planning services
  • Environmental assessments (land use planning)
  • Neighbourhood and revitalization planning
  • Land development feasibility studies
  • Community plan and zoning by-law reviews
  • Community sustainability & improvement plans
  • Facilitation & community engagement
  • School space planning

Who We Partner With

Northern Futures has an extended network of firms specializing in northern community development and can expand it's service offerings by collaborating with these partners.  We can build a custom team to meet client and project needs.  Here is a list of our partners (click on the logo for more information).

NVision Insight Group - Northern & Aboriginal Economic Development and Management Consulting Services | Economic & social development plans | Strategic plans | Cultural resource plans | Training & e-learning

Odonaterra -- Indigenous Environmental Planning & Assessments -- Community consultation plans & frameworks | Environmental stewardship plans | Environmental assessments

Lichen Consulting -- Northern Community Engagement & Community Development Planning -- Community engagement & outreach | Local business & strategic plans | Community development plans | Sustainability plans

Natalie Hughes Consulting -- Community & Land Use Planning Services -- Community & regional land use planning | Municipal planning services | Community plan & zoning by-law reviews


Novus Environmental -- Wind & Climate Services -- Wind & snow assessments | Snow fence feasibility & design | Climate change modelling & forecasting | Community-specific climate data

Veritas Designs & Inspections -- Mapping & Design Services -- Community plan mapping & posters | Subdivision design & plans

Honeyside GIS Services -- GIS Mapping & Spatial Analysis -- Community plan mapping & posters | Spatial analysis | Geodatabase management

NORDEC Consulting & Design -- Northern Architecture & Building Science -- Culturally appropriate housing & building design | Energy efficient building design | Building performance testing & evaluation | Housing & community design workshops


Learn more about Northern Futures' Team and for more information, contact us!