Northern Futures' Planning Team

Michelle Armstrong, M.Plan., MCIP RPP - Partner & Community Planner

Michelle has over 20 years of professional experience in 5 provinces and 2 territories across Canada, including over 13 years professional planning experience in a more northern context.  Michelle strives to achieve excellence in all the community and regional planning processes in which she is involved.  She understands the importance of hearing local values, needs, aspirations and concerns and contextualizing these with local conditions related to governance structures, natural environment, social and family wellbeing, economic development and cultural heritage.

She has delivered projects to diverse public and private sector clients with varying needs and aspirations, effectively communicating available policy approaches to achieving desired futures.  In all her projects, she embraces a strong ethic of client collaboration, team empowerment and community involvement.

Jesse Ajayi, M.Sc., MCIP RPP - Partner & Community Planner

Jesse has 8 years of professional planning experience in Northern Canada, including 4 years spent living and working as a Manager of Community Planning in Nunavut. He focuses on policy clarity and believes that all members of a community need to be equipped to play a role in planning for growth and change. He uses plain language and clean visual designs to consult with the public and assist councils and stakeholders in decision making.
Having managed planning departments in Nunavut and Alberta, Jesse understands the municipal approvals process from the inside out. He has provided professional advice to councils on numerous development and subdivision applications for both large and small projects. Jesse has also directly managed long range planning projects including Community Plan Updates and Zoning Bylaw Reviews for communities throughout northern Canada. 

Jennifer Barrett, M.U.P, MCIP, RPP - Senior Community Planner


Jennifer’s diverse experience in the U.S. and Canada has focused on improving social, environmental and economic sustainability. She is committed to improving social and economic equity and resilience through policy and land use planning. In her role as a Senior Community Planner, she provides planning services to the City of Iqaluit focusing on land acquisition and disposal.

Jennifer has worked in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Prior to joining Northern Futures Planning, her work included municipal housing, land use and social development policy creation; international policy research; land development analysis and project management; green industry initiatives; economic development and community-based planning. She strives to improve community engagement in planning and to ensure that planning decisions represent the diversity of each community. She has served as a municipal representative for the federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy and the Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention, and as a participating member of the Canadian Institute of Planner's New Urban Agenda Committee. 

Jamie Rathwell, M.A. - Community Planner

As a community planner, Jamie reviews development proposals and provides professional advisory services to municipalities across the north. She endeavours to meet public and environmental needs by ensuring healthy, livable, sustainable communities.

She is a recent graduate from the School of Urban Planning at McGill University where she learned about the principles that guide the profession through theoretical and practical approaches. She possesses knowledge of planning processes and demonstrates skills in policy analysis and writing. Jamie is interested in developing regulatory tools that effectively target issues such as housing affordability and climate change.

Natalie Hughes, MCIP RPP - Contract Community Planner

NFP Nat Portrait 1.jpg

Natalie is a bilingual Planner with fifteen 15 years of experience in public and private sector land use planning and policy, including over 5 years of experience working in northern communities.  She collaborates regularly with Northern Futures on a broad variety of projects including Professional Services to municipal planning departments, Community/General Plan and Zoning By-law updates and Background Studies in support of long range plans.

Natalie excels at interpreting legislation, policies and regulations and using that information to make sound community planning recommendations.  She  has a keen interest in growth and change management and endeavours to meet these challenges through supporting development that makes efficient use of land and infrastructure, promotes a vibrant local economy, protects the environment and natural resources, addresses social equality and engages stakeholders. 


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